“I am here to tell you not to place a man or a marriage above commonsense”- Beautiful article written by Joy Bewaji

Joy Isi Bewaji wrote a beautiful article on women believing in their self worth, and not accepting domestic violence as a norm. How women who represent different strata of society, still act the same way when it comes to marriage. She gave an accurate and deep understanding of relationships and self worth. This is a well written article for everyone, men and women to read. Please read on…
“I remember K-solo’s wife.
Beaten blue black and defrauded by husband, producer/musician K-solo.
She got the whole internet on her side.
Two weeks later, she’s on Channels- with her abuser; his hand around her…
“Oh! It was all a joke,” she says, “we were just fooling around. Akshually, we were trying our hands on acting. We want to see if we can build careers in Nollywood.”
She dismissed the abuse. And we all moved on.”

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