Listen Up Ladies! 13 Types of Men You Meet When You Go Travelling

Smiling man playing guitar on beach

One of the great ways to learn about life and discover people, is by travelling. These are some of the kinds of men you will meet when you travel.
Forget dating apps – travelling is the best way to meet men.
The sun is shining, the cocktails are flowing, everyone is tanned and showing more skin than normal… you’d have to be made of stone not to let your eyes wander over all the potential suitors.
We all want to find a hunk to roll around in the surf with, but what’s actually out there for those about to go backpacking?
Here are 13 men you always meet when you go travelling.
1. Captain Enthusiastic
He’ll wake at dawn and have ticked off his ‘must see’s’ before you’ve even mumbled the word ‘coffee’.
Everything is ‘AWESOME’. He’s a perma-smiling, brightly coloured whirlwind of enthusiasm.
He’s exhausting.
2. The Spiritual One
Maybe he’s just returned from doing Ayahuasca, or maybe he’s mastering the rune stones.
Whatever his discipline, you’ll identify him by his lack of shirt, colourful trousers, and his tendency to close his eyes and slowly nod while you speak to him.
3. The Musician
You’ll encounter multiple men happy to forego clean undies to carry their guitar/ bongos/ didgeridoo.
These troubadours have got it nailed – they need only master ‘Wonderwall’ and they’re guaranteed a snog every time.
4. The Boozer
These ‘lads’ go travelling with two aims; drinking and shagging.
There’s no occasion that doesn’t warrant a few tinnies – temples, bus journeys, yoga classes.
Always loud. Always inappropriate. Always trying to find a bar playing the footy.
5. The Scuba/ Surf Instructor
Whether it’s their command of the ocean, or their skin-tight wetsuits, it’s a physical impossibility not to be attracted to someone with this kind of proven lung capacity.
6. The Show-Off
This fella has done everything – and if he hasn’t, it’s because it’s ‘too touristy’. Everything you’re about to do, he’s already done.
He’ll be the dude wearing sunglasses inside.
7. The Do-Gooder
These chaps aren’t travelling – they’re saving the world, one orphaned monkey at a time, and they’re going to tell you about it. A lot.
A word of warning – don’t look too closely at their fingernails.
8. The Adventurer
Every so often, you’ll chance upon a man with such muscular calves, you can’t help but swoon.
This adventurous breed are long-haired, bearded, and usually atop a bicycle – which they rode the whole way there FYI.
9. The Lusty Local
Sorry, but you can’t really call it ‘travelling’ until a gorgeous local has called you beautiful under the light of the moon.
10. The Thrill Seeker
If there’s no danger involved, count this dude out.
His to-do list is deadly animal encounters and adrenaline sports – that’s it. In fact you’re boring him already.
11. The Mummy’s Boy
He’s away from home for the first time and is surviving exclusively on the cup-a-soups his Mum packed for him.
Constantly looks in need of a good hug.
12. The Career Traveller
This guy knows nothing but the open road. Travelling is his ‘thing’ and he can’t talk about anything else. Awful taste in shoes.
13. The Crush
Dashing, hilarious, very white teeth – ALWAYS heading in the opposite direction.

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