Jos Hospital Detains Mum and Her Quadruplets Over Unpaid N300k Bills

The Bingham University Teaching Hospital in Jos, Plateau State, has been accused of detaining quadruplets following their parents’ inability to pay the medical bills.

According to The Sun, the mother, Halima Aliyu, gave birth to the children at home in their one-room apartment. She and the babies were then transferred to the Jos Teaching Hospital where one of the babies was confirmed dead on arrival. Halima and her surviving children were denied admission because of the ongoing industrial action by the state’s medical staff.

The 29-year-old mother and her babies were then transferred to the Plateau Specialist Hospital where they were denied admission again, this time the incubators were all occupied. Finally, Halima and her 3 babies gained admission at the Bingham University Teaching Hospital in Jos, where two of the babies were placed in one incubator for hours before being separated.

Trouble started when the hospital detained two of the babies certified fit to go home because of the parents’ failure to pay the bill of N300,000.

Speaking with The Sun, Halima’s husband, 30-year-old Aliyu Useni, said he is unable to pay because he does not have that kind of money. The couple’s 5 other children have been thrown out of school for unpaid fees, and Aliyu says his business is doing poorly.

Here’s what he told The Sun

“I don’t know where to get such amount of money at this difficult period. I have a bill of N300, 000 to pay for the two babies, who have been discharged; I don’t know how much I will be asked to pay for the one that has been in the incubator for more than one month. Some good Samaritans have donated their widows’ mite and I appreciate their support towards the survival of the children.

I plead with the Plateau State government to come to my aid because the burden is too heavy for me to bear- the hospital bills, feeding and clothing of the children.  I know what I have been going through between 2013 and now, after I was blessed with a set of twins; I had not recovered from that trauma, and today, I have quadruplets.

But, God doesn’t make mistake; there are rich men who are looking for just a child, but don’t have any. I thank God for what He has done, but sincerely, I need help.

I am detained in the hospital, because I have not paid all the medical bill. I have deposited N100, 000 and I am making effort to raise the remaining money so we can go home.”

The hospital management is yet to give official statement as at press time.

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