Check Out The Huge Mansion Risper Faith and Her Fiance are Building

Nairobi Diaries star Risper Faith has been doing a lot for herself lately career wise and relationship wise. Mostly Kenyan socialites just want fame and the travelling that comes with it and I’ve got to give it up to her for her efforts. Risper a socialite and reality star cast started off a few years ago with nothing to her name and right now she is among the ‘richest’ there is.

Engaged to co-star and fiance Bryan the two have build their careers and have gone ahead to build their future mansion located somewhere in the leafy suburbs. WE all know the pressure that come with building a house in Kenya, all the effort and money put into it can leave you drained both emotionally and financially.


Risper who recently acquired a Mercedes Benz van shared a photo of their half way built house which they plan on moving into once it’s done. her business seems to be doing great so does her career, this girl seems to have it all in place.


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