Ajayi Crowther College Boy Set To Riot | Scan Details


The atmosphere in Ajayi Crowther university presently is incredibly tense,the student square measure set to riot tomorrow if the VC refuses to attend properly to their plead. A scenario occurred on eighth Apr 2017 late night around 9pm that the coed poured water on their VC.

What result in the prevalence was associate early riot that happened among the scholars . once the VC came to resolve the problem the coed same they didn’t wish to concentrate to him that he has flip them to a puppet as a result of the had some rules that the coed hate to follow.

Before once the VC came,some student were already creating steps to settle the riot as presently because the arrival of the VC the atmosphere became a lot of tense.

Students claimed that they need been turned to a puppet. The VC created some rules that square measure socially not measurable which can have an effect on the life-style of the coed even when college life. it absolutely was learnt that sometimes that the VC keeps creating laws that don’t suite the coed.

Some laws square measure explicit below:

1.NO STUDENT TO BE SEEN within the field when 9PM within the field.

2.NO READING ought to BE worn out categories when 7PM.

3.NO BOY AND woman ought to BE CAUGHT GISTING within the NIGHT.

4.DINNER NIGHT ought to BE command within the when hour.

5.THE VC once off EASTER BREAK(for a christian school)before the stood for themselves before he modified his call.


Most of laws created by the VC were analysed to majorly to destroy someones social life and there are not any out there facilities to follow the laws. the coed square measure strictly mandated to place on “TIE” throughout lecture hours that the weather is generally sunny within the when hour associated neither “Fan” nor “Air Conditional” square measure gift in their category area when paying an immense quantity of college fees and if they’re caught they raise to pay an explicit quantity of cash.

Recently, the hostel and college fees were separated that all the hostels charge identical quantity. they’re raise to pay associate immense quantity fifty two,500 per semester that four students can share(the four student pay #52,500 equals #210,000). wherever in metropolis are you able to rent a house that there’s no constant water, no constant electricity (the student same the they are doing have electricity 1hour within the morning, 4hours within the night,sometimes the college refuse to pay the Nepa bill) dirty {toilet|rest area|bathroom} and therefore the room that isn’t restored for #210,00 in 6month.

The student don’t solely complain of that, they conjointly complain that the hall supervisor and potters aren’t paid adequately for his or her work done.Were square measure the funds going to?

The student within the hostel of wherever the incident occurred square measure mandated to vacate before 4pm tomorrow to a different hostel that they’ll be re-allocated. They student presently don’t wish to follow the order so that they selected mendicancy or riot. They conceive to beg the VC by tomorrow(4/11) if the VC don’t conform to the plead they’ll start riot.

The decision created by the VC square measure same not be like what he might imagine. {the call|the choice} were analyse by some student they decision will cause the closedown of the college. AKINOLA HOSTEL( the hostel of the incident) and ALETILOYE HOSTEL that they’re raise to maneuver TO aren’t IN smart TERMS. the 2 hostel square measure same to show a discrepancy within the approach of their behavior AKINOLA HOSTEL is a smaller amount tense and ALETILOYE HOSTEL is a lot of tense if each square measure be part of along could naturally cause riot within the college.

This is not a surprise to the prevalence of riot in AJAYI CROWTHER UNIVERSITY, the college is that the initialnon-public University to riot in 2012.

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